Freight & Delivery
Foreign orders items are prepayed with PayPal™ and sent as soon as possible. Please e-mail if you have questions.

Freight fees outside Sweden for End Customers:

Within EU: 125 SEK (app. 14.70 USD) incl. VAT

Outside EU: 125 SEK (app. 14.70 USD) excl. VAT

C.O.D - Cash On Delivery
We accept C.O.D from the following countries:

   - Sverige

Freight fees outside Sweden for Retail Customers:

Retailers can choose between two different ways to pay:
  • Bank Transfer (no extra charges)
  • PayPal™ (Paypal Charge will be 4.65% of the total amount)
Retailers pay the normal freightcost. It is not added when placing the order. We will e-mail the total amount include freight to pay.

OBS! On larger orders other freight fees aplies. Please e-mail for a correct freight fee.