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Eksitdata - Sonic Class T-amp, Gen 2

Sonic Class T-amp, Gen 2,   869:- inkl. moms

Denna nya version Sonic Impact Class T-Amp Generation 2 har ännu bättre ljud än föregångaren. Har uttag för hörlurar. Det medföljer även strömadapter i förpackningen. Storlek:13x15x3 cm.

About: The first totally portable amplifier capable of generating a true 5W per channel output from a fully battery operated source, the 2nd Generation Class T Amplifier works with any passive 4 or 8ohm full range speakers. The Class T Amplifier can be powered using either AA batteries or with the included AC Power adapter, and is great for any speaker application. The Class-T Digital Amplifiers 5W average continuous power is a two-channel, Class - T Digital Audio processor utilizing Sonic Impact proprietary Digital Power Processing ™ technology. Revolutionary Class – T digital amplifiers offer the high sound quality of Class A and B amplifiers while challenging the boost and power of a regular Class – D amplifier.
Lagerstatus: Slut i lager
869:- inkl. moms

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