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796,00 SEK (excl. vat)
*****TK-905 GPS tracker for vehicle
GPS tracker with built-in magnet for vehicles, boats, etc. Free real-time tracking via map, with app for Android or iPhone / SMS / Computer. Unlimited range.
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119,00 SEK (excl. vat)
****Car charger 12V
Car charger for connect to battery. Works with our GPS Tracker. 12 Volt (6-20V). Out DC 5 Volt 3 Ampere. Category:GPS Tracker
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796,00 SEK (excl. vat)
****TK-909 GPS Tracker
Our popular GPS tracker with a dog/cat collar has changed its name to TK 909. This is the original. TK-909 has a longer stand by time, about 20 days, and is more suited for animals. Also fit people, vehicles, bags, etc. Category:GPS Tracker
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636,00 SEK (excl. vat)
****TK-909 GPS Tracker/Second sorting
We sell a small number of our popular GPS tracker at a reduced price! They may have minor cosmetic defects on the device or packaging. Function are not affected. Full warranty. Category:GPS Tracker
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1 195,00 SEK (excl. vat)
***USB Floppy Emulator
Store data of up to 100 floppy disk on one USB flash drive. 1 GB USB flash drive included. Category:USB Floppy Emulator
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796,00 SEK (excl. vat)
***USB to Floppy Adapter
To use our USB Floppy Emulator in a laptop or computer with USB port. Category:USB Floppy Emulator
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0,00 SEK (excl. vat)
**SysReturn Trial 30 days
This is one of the best Recovery/Backup program! Category:Safety
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39,00 SEK (excl. vat)
Dual link Adapter DVI-D to VGA. Category:DVI
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39,00 SEK (excl. vat)
Adapter DVI-I to VGA Dual link. Category:DVI
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79,00 SEK (excl. vat)
*Emergency Charger
Mobile phone Emergency Charger Kit. Gives up to 2 hours talk time. Using single AA battery. Category:Battery/charger More Info»

79,00 SEK (excl. vat)
HDMI Cable Gold Plated. Triple shielded. Premium quality. Awg28. HDMI cable suitable for use in HDTV and other media.
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5,00 SEK (excl. vat)
*Jumper 2.54 mm Closed
Jumper 2.54 mm. Closed. We have also Open type, you find them to the left in the meny under Jumpers. There you also find 2,0 mm Open and Close type.
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469,00 SEK (excl. vat)
*PoE / Data Splitter
Network IP Camera Focus Adaptor. Category:PoE/Data Splitter
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230,00 SEK (excl. vat)
*RD1-2M Bios Savior
A tool which enables you to update the BIOS safely. You can order pre-programming. You dont need a Bios chip, only the Bios Savior which includes a Bios chip.
Category:Bios Savior
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316,00 SEK (excl. vat)
*Wlan adapter 300 Mbps
W-lan adapter that support 300Mbps in standard 802.11n. Works also with 802.11b/g.
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285,00 SEK (excl. vat)
Converter SATA till IDE
Converter sata to ide, with the newest Marvel chipset, also with jumper master and slave. Category:IDE-SATA Adapter
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149,00 SEK (excl. vat)
Digital Thermometer
Digital Pocket Food Thermometer. Probe cover with a pocket clip!Category:Digital Thermometer
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63,00 SEK (excl. vat)
Notebook Lock
Protect your Laptop, TFT monitor choose kensington lock or combination key.
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120,00 SEK (excl. vat)
Original Bios chip, we also pre-program and ship worldwide.
Category:Bios chip
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231,00 SEK (excl. vat)
**HDMI Switch 3 port no power
Full HD 1080P. The 3x1 HDMI Switcher allows access to multiple HDMI sources, using a single HDMI sink.
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Bios Savior och Reprograming
Finally a BIOS protection that works and can also be used as a BIOS writer and for testing new BIOS upgrades. It also works like an original bioschip by itself, so you don´t need any other Bioschip if you don´t want to use double bioschip.
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